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The Whale Tooth (El diente de la ballena)

Book in Spanish.

A whale tooth is the protective amulet of some travelers in order to go to the most far-off places in the world. With it, Chema Rodríguez chose three mythical cities to travel from modernity to the spots inhabited by the last peoples who keep primitive traditions. So, he travelled alone, using local transports, light aircrafts, canoes, camels, horses and his own legs. The first of these journeys began in New Orleans, in order to go down to the deep Mexico of the Huichol native people. In Africa, he chose Dakar as a starting point, sailed the Niger River to Timbuktu, and went deep into the Sahel on foot. For the last journey, he used the Transsiberian from Moscow to Ulan Bator, capital of Mongolia. You can read some chapters here (in Spanish).

El Diente de la Ballena was first published in 1999 (El País-Aguilar). Varasek has published a new edition, revised, and with a prologue by the author.

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